Food for thought., Resilience and The Modern Woman

Food for Thought

Not quite an aside, though this sounds plain enough, I don’t want it to sound terse, if you don’t like something, don’t read it. Don’t watch it. Don’t eat it. Don’t drink it. Don’t ingest it. If you don’t like something, do not partake of it.

The other day I picked up a book to read, to do with a particular subject, let’s say, and I started to not feel so great. I stopped reading it. I thought, “Whoa, wait a minute here…” and I thought to think if I’ve ever read any other books along the same lines that messed me up, in a not good way. Some books can mess you up in a good way, you have a “good cry” because it’s super relatable, or your awareness of the world expands, changes, because you see things from a new perspective, and so on. But there’s some stuff I’d have probably been better off had I not read it. Certainly there are a few films I’d have preferred to not have donated my time to, but, it had not ever before occurred to me that there might be some books I’d read that hadn’t done me any good. I’ve realized the particulars of what messes me up and I’m kind of pleased at this moment of epiphany, because, I’m not going to knowingly read things along those lines anymore. I feel really good about this decision. I say this knowing full well that everything I write isn’t for everyone either, and that’s just fine. That’s part of why it’s so wonderful to have choices. I figure it’s kind of like having a food allergy, if you know it’s bad for you, you’re not going to eat it. Peanut-butter-cheese-glutin-sugar-cakes might be fine for a lot of other folks, but if you know it messes you up, why would you put yourself through it? I love tequila, but drinking it is a bad idea for me. (Coming up on two years sober!)

I’m just saying, give yourself permission to just say no to things that you know, have discovered, aren’t good for you. Including certain types of books, films, music, whatever it is. I’m allergic to wool, can’t even wear a blend. Note, I’m purposely not saying specifically what kind of things I’ve realized I shouldn’t read anymore, however many books of that kind later and reading since I was quite young, because plenty of people read such things and it doesn’t mess them up. It’s beside the point. Perhaps they can wear wool too. I’m trying to be proactive about what kinds of actual foods I eat, nothing wrong with giving some deeper thought and consideration to what I’m feeding my brain as well.