The Edges of the Rain


Maura Logan is a successful author. She has great friends, who might not be the nicest people, and a new love, who might help her mend after a bitter divorce. She can’t account for how she made it home from a party, why she might be hallucinating, or how a complete stranger in a restaurant has placed the exact same picky order for lunch as she has. When a colleague catapults off a building in an apparent suicide, Maura’s world begins to unravel. Sometimes getting the story is a nightmare. What Maura Logan doesn’t know about her life, is murder.   – The Edges of the Rain

“In consideration of certain sensitivities as may be present with some individuals, before continuing on with this book, the reader should be aware that this novel deals with the following subject matter: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, gaslighting, anxiety and panic attacks, generalized disassociate disorder, rape, violence, murder, physical abuse. This story is the anatomy of a nervous breakdown, the writing on the interior walls of a nightmare. The Edges of the Rain is a work of fiction, prompted by some real events and experiences. If you hold an affection for the film “The Wizard of Oz”, this book may alter your perception of it in some regard. – Teri Skultety”


At this moment, I’m uncertain of what else I want to say about what went into the creation of this book that I didn’t already say in closing. For the reader, I hope it is, at least, a good story. ~ TS


“The Edges of the Rain”  is now available on Amazon.





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