To Thine Own Self Be True

I’m putting the final touches on the book, “The Edges of the Rain.” This has been a tough one. I’ll expand upon that when it’s time, suffice it to say I’m very glad to be wrapping it up. Here is where I’m going to take a moment to say that the sequel to the vampire novel, “Silhouettes of Night”, is now, once again, kaput. I have over two hundred pages of various starts of it. I get so far with it and then…same thing keeps happening, one way or another, whether I get busy and lose my momentum with it and have no enthusiasm at all for picking it up, or, it just falls apart, has no heart… it keeps not happening. I think, I had a good idea, made a cool cover for it, and it doesn’t matter because my heart isn’t in it. I’ve put it away. I also may have talked it to death. Really important to know when to keep at something, and when to cut bait. It’s likely past the time to cut bait on the vampire novel sequel.

Every now and then here on the interwebs there are cool things to be found. There’s this tumblr page of some pretty cool Earth-sparkly-glittering-motion graphics. And there are these two, well-edited, mashup videos that are very cool, made me smile, the first is of one of my favorite films “The Maltese Falcon”, the next is a wonderful mix of dance numbers from old movies set to “Uptown Funk.”


As for what is next, after the book that I haven’t quite got all the way out the door yet, couldn’t tell you. I can tell you that I think that Ginger Rogers had some of the best movie dresses of all time.

Roberta, 1935, RKO Pictures
Swing Time, 1936, RKO Pictures
Carefree, 1938, RKO Pictures

It’s another hot summer in the valley. Loving it. Will talk about summer reading perhaps another time. Have days, and nights, as wonderful as you can.