The Dance is the Dance


Sometimes I get into these terrible funks when I’m working on something, and that’s fine, I mean, that’s part of it. Then I’ll see something or read something that pulls me out of it.

I found a couple of quotes on tumblr.

“You couldn’t relive your life, skipping the awful parts, without losing what made it worthwhile. You had to accept it as a whole–like the world, or the person you loved.” ~ Stewart O’Nan, “The Odds, A Love Story”. I’ve not read that book but that’s a great quote. The contrasts give definition, we wouldn’t understand/know joy, if we didn’t know sorrow, or perhaps it is that the contrasts give us appreciation.

Then there’s this, that I adore. (link to rupi kaur’s webpage.)


I’m also ever amazed that I can still feel like this place, Earth, is Eden, or Edenic, if you prefer, and that our lack of awareness as to that fact makes it nonetheless so. Whether you agree with or find anything useful in his philosophies or teachings, some of these videos people have put together of Alan Watts speeches, talks, are incredible.

I’ve been known to get into some Terrence McKenna talks too. Transcendence, transformation, awareness, and finding balance. I liked that one about life not being a journey, the point of it isn’t to be hurtling towards the end, which is essentially the same for each of us, the point is life, the moments of it, that the dance is the dance, for its own sake. ( And that’s a beautiful thing.)




  1. All great philosophers and a great post!! I’m the same way, I find their wisdom sheds light in myself that allows me to be more of myself. I love the imagery that life is a dance. It makes me stop being so serious about it, relax, and let it be!

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