Pending Updates, New Covers

Some titles may be temporarily unavailable pending updates.

As often said, all this is a “learn as you go” process. While trying to make some new design elements/memes/thingys/etc., one of the websites/tools I use frequently, quit working the way it should. Necessity is the mother of invention. I don’t know how I didn’t know about Canva before, but I know about it now. I’m only using the “free” tools that I find here and there, as ever the idea is to make money (I keep telling myself this).Β  So now, in addition to continuing with some edits, I’m updating book covers. I’m a sentimental gal, I don’t want to get too far away from the original ideas I had for these first book covers. That said, I’m having some fun with it. ( My hand is cramping, however, from all the cropping and intricate/delicate moving of spaces/cutting/pasting/etc.) While updates are pending, some titles may be temporarily unavailable.


New paperback cover for The Slick Furies in black, new cover for the Kindle version in red.

Β  Β Β 


New cover for Loralee




I feel a lot better about these covers. The Slick Furies, while bordering on parody in places, is also a serious horror novel. Filled with multifaceted, conflicted, characters, there are no “saints” in The Slick Furies. (It’s about to get a major editing overhaul as well.) Loralee, while intended as something of a “weekly serial” when it was written, is a decent little bit of business about the hypocrisy of appearances, and the intrigues among the haves and have-nots. I thought of “Loralee” as the kind of novel used to be you could buy at the dime-store to read by the pool or under a shady tree on a hot summer afternoon. The Slick Furies is, to me, a classic vampire story set in the modern age. It is purposely clichΓ© and yet not at all without heart. I think these covers are closer to what I had in mind when I made the originals. Now those few uncorrected proofs with the old covers get to become rarities, the prototypes.

Until next time.