i imagine

i imagine
that i am not infinitely difficult
to understand.
i don’t underestimate
the touch of love’s hand.
i imagine
for whatever it is worth
that i might be more attractive
had i ever learned to be a flirt.
i imagine
if matters of the heart
didn’t matter much to me
i could give in
to frivolity,
but i don’t know how
to take such things
of plausible deniability
of such duality
and i am afraid
of what might next shatter me.
i imagine
that i haven’t always been this way
that when i had more confidence,
was younger, that i was a honey bee
coming out to play
i imagine
from moment to moment
and time after time
when i can’t find the right words
to keep you so enthralled
i can still find the rhyme.
and say i’m glad you called.
i imagine.


Teri Skultety

written on May 17, 2016