Forever Old

Within the drops of rain,
a broken diamond chain,
comes a flood of memories,
currents strong, the deepest seas,
of people I have been,
and lives I have lived in,
it doesn’t matter how,
for I am only here, and now.

Between the sun bright rays,
where darkness fills the days,
there is a secret dawn,
to help me carry on,
when never being sure,
just why I did endure,
only to find I hold the key,
to all eternity.

Upon the wings of night,
In misty candlelight,
While hearing silent screams,
I know are not just dreams,
the wisdom comes to me,
and in my visions I can see,
my heart and soul are gold,
I am forever old.




About being an “old soul,” and immortality.

From Red Line Wine, Available on Amazon now.