Social Media, Part 2

Briefly, because I’m very busy at present, an update on social media usage. Having read several other articles on the various aspects, goings on, what have you, “practices”, with regard to facebook in recent years, I’ve resolved to maintain my facebook page, however I will be utilizing the application in a decidedly more thoughtful way.

Now, here we have a wonderful example of how sometimes when it seems like something isn’t working out as we’d hoped, it opens another door. In the previous post I mentioned some of the things that I had enjoyed about facebook at its inception. I kept thinking, “Well, if it doesn’t have those features and functions now, why am I on there?” For the same reason anyone else still is, for now, we’ve invested time in those connections, we’ve established ourselves there, and the migration of the group to wherever is next hasn’t yet happened. Last evening I deleted two “photo albums” from my personal facebook page and I’m probably not finished with such editing. Then I went back to the question of why I’m on social media, what do I use it for, and thinking about what I like about it. I had deleted my Pinterest account, I was feeling as though I were spreading myself too thin. I began to rethink that. I’ve since re-established a new Pinterest account. I’d always liked the site as it is a wonderful place to find inspirations and ideas. I plan on creating and adding to that page. It provides the visual fix for things that we like, the one that facebook has done away with in favor of infighting and propaganda. Pinterest is easy to use, inviting, and it’s pretty. I’m looking at ways to better use social media in general, as opposed to being programmed and used by it. In the process of that I remembered this quote:

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot, aka, Mary Ann Evans

I’ve been collecting quotes into a notebook for twenty-five years. When I began collecting these quotes, there was no internet. My thought was, dreamily and not necessarily literally, that some day I’d like to be able to look up who these individuals were that had said such fascinating things that people were still quoting them and writing them down, sometimes after hundreds, if not thousands, of years. I’ve never read any of the work of George Eliot, which was the pen name of author Mary Ann Evans, but I have heard of “Silas Marner”, and perhaps you have too. So, I remembered the quote and thought to myself, “When was the last time I considered who it was that I wanted to be?”

Well, as I said, I’m quite busy at the moment, but I began to think about this, to let my mind wrap itself around the question. I could digress, at length, on the subject and how it was the matter became so confounded. ( So many detours.) How does the poem go? “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and being one traveler long I stood…” The Road Not Taken. It’s the part about knowing how way leads onto way. What did I set out to do? To be? What did I want my life to be like? What were my expectations and goals with regard to my writing and being a writer?

Now, you’ll have your own answers to your own questions, so, I’m not necessarily going to share what my answers to those questions are. I will say that part of the equation was that when I first asked myself those questions, it was so long ago that not only was there no such thing as social media, there was no internet. Writers wrote books longhand, and on typewriters. I know, not quite the “Dark Ages”, but still. The point of that is to remember to ask yourselves whatever your questions are, again, from time to time, because times change, and so do circumstances. How can you expect to achieve a goal or a vision if you aren’t clear on it, or if you’ve lost sight of it? Social media, the internet,ย  will do that to you if you let it.

I’m still in the midst of that re-evaluating and some of that is, what do I use social media for, what do I enjoy about it, and how can I make those things work for me and for enjoyment? Here on this very webpage is a video about the creation of culture, that we create culture. And another about what we dream, the way we dream, being present, and so on. I’m making changes. I’ve been in a rebuilding phase for some years now. That’s important to acknowledge, transformations are often depicted within the frame of the end result, say, the butterfly from the caterpillar, without much regard for what really went on in the cocoon which was the sacrificing of one way of being in the world for another. People often forget that they are free to change their minds at any time, and that it’s never too late, in theory at least, time still on the clock permitting, to be what you might have been, to become.

All that from the revelations that yes, facebook is a massive social mind control experiment. Keeping in mind that at several junctures I’ve nearly stripped to the bone all social media usage, and given thought to forgoing all such interaction simply as a matter of the time it eats. I’ve whittled friends list down and all else. But, there are some good things about social media, it isn’t without enjoyments. Only then to utilize it better. There’s something to be learned from everything. So, if you use facebook, I am still maintaining my author page there, here’s that link if you care to follow, Teri Skultety on facebook.ย 

Teri Skultety