Demons 6-27-91

Oh what demons I have seen,
ย in the blazing light of day,
And in the night they’ve followed me,
As I’ve traveled on my way,
Within the shadows down each hall,
Within the moisture of the mist,
In my deepest heart, I know,
The demons I have kissed.
For I have faced them one and all,
Faced them unafraid,
to pierce their hearts with swords of truth,
These demons I have made.
let it be an inspiration,
to those who would follow me,
to fight each demon to its death,
and meet sweet destiny.
I am not fearless. But I hope that I have heart, and that having heart gives me courage, and strength. This poem was written when I was twenty-two years old, at a time in my life when I first began to be aware that I was grappling with, suffering from serious anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, though I didn’t know what to call it at the time. I hope that as poetic work, it holds up well enough.~ TS