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Let It Ride

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Let it Ride

April 2008

Let’s blur the edges,

Break the rules,

Drink coffee at midnight,

Rye at dawn,

Let’s stay awake to solve some mystery,

Or write one.

Paint a picture,

Throw stones at the moon,

Listen to the crickets sing to June bugs,

Make that our favorite tune,

Take off our shoes on the wet grass,

Dress like gypsies,

Carry tambourines and peace offerings,

Dig for fossils in the creek,

And speak,

The language of the breeze,

Quietly steal the day,

Take the night,

Build a fire so bright,

The stars will be jealous of the light,

Let’s be over-zealous,

Impassioned and compelled,

Let’s take chances when the tell us,

We are too old for this.

Let’s redefine,

Our definitions,

Put our money where our mouth is,

And let it ride…

Give ourselves permission,

To be the joyful people we are on the inside,

On the outside,

In case this is,

All there is.