There I Was Again, at The Starlight

He could bring me back to myself when no one else could. So there I was again, at the Starlight, sitting in our booth waiting. I don’t know how it happened that way but it was true. When every other person had made me feel like I couldn’t go even one more day, he could remind me of myself so purely and completely that the slightest glance let me know that I was out of sorts. Or worse, that I was wrong.
This time something had gotten its hooks into me so deeply that I was in danger of not coming back from it, that I’d nearly slipped over the edge into the abyss never to return. A monster whose energy was so dark, so completely draining, insidiously evil, that I’d only enough strength left to call him, to tell him where I would be, and that I needed him.
He slid into the seat next to me, his arms around me, pulling me close as I collapsed against him. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t say what it was, name the monster, as that would be giving it more energy. He understood. He didn’t ask. It is, perhaps, the most dangerous part of being a hunter, of tracking a monster, the risk of being absorbed by whatever, whoever, the monster is, the risk of becoming it. This monster, this time, she had hunted me. I’d never felt a presence so dark, so bleak, so intolerably miserable, so determined to hang on, and yes, evil. I finished it, and I was done with monsters. I knew that was it. I was getting out. I should have called him sooner. I should have called him for help but that’s always how it is, I didn’t know how deep I was in. Then I couldn’t find the number. Oh the panic of that, where was that number?
“I’ll be at the Starlight. It’s bad. I need you.” I said, recording a message I prayed he’d receive in time.
ย  ย  ย ย  I couldn’t have said when the last time I’d slept was, or how long it had been since I’d eaten. I felt a great shadow hovering over me. One look at him and it began to lift. His arms around me and I was protected.
“I’m here.” He said. “I’ve got you.”
I wanted to tell him to protect me. I wanted to tell him that she had nearly killed me, but I couldn’t get the words out. It was all I could do to clutch at his arms, to let him lead me out of the diner.
It would take time to recover…



Written on 8/29/2017

Categories: all night long, Fiction, flash fiction, hope, imagination, moments in time, salvation, suspense, The Stories of the Starlight, truly madly deeply

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