I Was Lost In the Pages

Go man
Into the great beyond,
take your voice,
take your song,
to the door where angels dwell
and tell them what it’s like in hell
and tell them what it’s like to rise
and tell them any otherwise
and how you were so far from home
Go man,
as if they could give you greater wings
than the flight of your words in every note
shattering through the night
into the light
Go man
in silhouette
your final soliloquy
surrounded by the memory
take that heavy heavy heavy
and let it go
no one will ever know
no one ever did
You are a different kind of star now
across a million midnights eternally
a twinkle in the sky
looking down on this place
where you were
for a minute
trying to live
everywhere so far from home.
Supper is on the table.
And you can finally stay
in a warm bed
for more than one night
and fill your belly.
and sleep.
Take your voice.
Take your song,
through the door where angels dwell,
and say Hello. Go.

Through the Door Where Angels
In memory of Chris Cornell. 1964- 2017.

Categories: a normal life, all night long, Americana Rock n' Roller, Chris Cornell, icon

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