Real Myths

Real Myths.

Tall, dark, long and lean,
Arrows in the slipstream.
Super sonic, sub atomic,
Wet dream,
Cross that man and taste the mean.
Step outside,
You ain’t comin’ back in,
And you don’t mess around with Jim.

Sharp blade. Well-played.
The only reason that I stayed,
Until they rolled the credits.
Read between the edits.
Every kind of pie imagined,
Four and twenty birds gone in,
One Stark Raven came out again.
Black wings, red feathered underbelly,
And you don’t Mary Shelley.

Golden Goddess, record player,
Tried so hard but couldn’t slay her.
Pictogram and after math,
Meet you baby, after class.
Walking down the avenue,
I know who you wanna do,
Penthesilea, of Troy Donahue.
Dream with Scarlet,
Take the win,
And we never go hungry again.



This poem from 2012 is loaded with references to a Jim Croce song,Β  a nursery rhyme, the author of Frankenstein, a play on words and rhythm that is a reference to the movie “Grease” ( Troy Donahue, I know what you want to do), a reference to “Gone With the Wind.” I don’t always write poems like this, but when I do, I think they’re cool. Penthesilea is an Amazonian Queen.

I’m super busy at the moment, but I wanted to say this, as a writer, it is really important to know when to cut bait on something that your heart isn’t in, or that just isn’t going anywhere. I’ll have more to say about that at some point. ~ TS