The Slick Furies, Pulp-Horror

I had no plans to ever write about vampires. I was writing a western, in which these creatures were swooping from the sky, attacking, and, as it so happened, they turned out to be vampires with pale lavender skin, and jaundiced, yellow, eyes. As the story began to unfold, there was also a shape-shifter, or werewolf, I never quite got that sorted out, yet, in the story, and then, later on, there was also an alien, and an apparition. I have no idea how that happened, how all those things got into that story, but, they did. Okay, I thought, it’s a one-off.

When I started to write the story that would become THE SLICK FURIES, I set out to write a crime story about a serial killer and the effort to catch him. I had the two main detective characters, Finn Treadwell, and Bruce Valerian, figured out, and that the female lead would be a criminal profiler. Then I thought, Well, yeah, but, what if the serial killer is a vampire? I mean, aren’t all vampires serial killers, really? And, prolific ones at that?

Then I thought, what if I tell the reader, before they ever read a word of the story, who the main players are? What if I listed them like the cast of characters in a play? Kind of put the cards on the table, so that the reader knows where they stand?20170410_145021 (3)

From there, it seemed to me that I could either try to reinvent the vampire, or, I could use everything that I already knew about vampires, even though all the known lore was invented and imagined by other story tellers. I’m a classic kind of gal. It’s vampires, not only did I not see any reason to reinvent the wheel, but it seemed to me that any vampire worth his salt, would be little tired of the clichΓ©s of the thing too, or, at least, aware of them. In that, I found that there is a lot of room to have fun with some things. Make no mistake, however, THE SLICK FURIES is a pulp-horror crime story about catching a serial killer, who just happens to be a vampire.

Once I finished writing the book, the elements of a second book, and possibly a third, were evident to me in the threads of the “ending.” One of the things that I love the most about this story is that it’s hiding in plain sight kind of like Demetri himself, it isn’t pretending to be anything that it isn’t. I am at work on the sequel, though I’ve not set a time table for when it will be completed or available.