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So, I’ve been thinking about some things. I’m always thinking. The last few years have been about changing habits, about getting rid of old, bad, stuff, shedding the past, and building on new habits, new ideas, and really, what it’s about is a new way of being in my life and in the world. Or, in some ways, it’s a return to being amazing, or more amazing, sans the booze.

I’m working on the new novel. To that end, I thought about that too and whether or not to talk about the new novel. I used to never discuss a WIP, work in progress, because, like I said, I had noticed that that sometimes took the wind out of my sails about it. Then I went through a phase of kind of always talking about what I was working on, posting word counts, a lot of people were doing that at the time, and it seemed to help keep things motivated. I liked to see that, it felt like camaraderie when the other writers in my social network friends lists were posting up their word counts too, like, “Hey! Somebody just finished a story! Great!” Because, it is something that requires some stick-to-itiveness.  Writing novels, long form fiction, is an act of determination anyway, especially in the beginning, you have to be very self motivated to finish writing a novel, and even more so to keep writing them.  So, to heck with it. I’m working on the sequel to the vampire novel, though I won’t say what the detailed focus of this book is because you don’t do that, silly. Could be the second book in a series, I’m optimistic, we’ll see. It’s going pretty well. I had several different beginnings for it written, so the beginning has been some cannibalizing of those beginnings and deciding on a narrative direction, but, having mapped that out, I’m back up to about five thousand words on it, after hitting nearly nine thousand words and having to start over. That’s being a writer, you’ve got to be willing to go back to page one sometimes and begin again. I decided to work on this book because I have an idea of when I want to be done with it, and that meant I had to get busy working on it right away because the work involved is more than any other project that I have in the hopper.

What I was thinking about though, are the places that I’d like to go. I’m very much a home person in that I like having a home, I like to nest, but, this is my list of places that I would like to travel to if I could really travel.

1.) Sante Fe, New Mexico
From everything I’ve ever seen or read about Sante Fe, it looks like a beautiful place, full of amazing art and architecture, culture, and history, and, I bet the food is pretty good there too.

2.) Savannah, Georgia
I admit that my interest in visiting Savannah is one hundred percent spurred by the novel, and film, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” It looks just amazing and interesting and wonderful.

3.) San Diego/Los Angeles, California
I’m from San Diego, originally, but I haven’t been there in years. I think it would be fun to hit So Cal as a tourist, do all the tourist things. I’d like to go to Balboa Park, the zoo,  go out to San Juan Capistrano, go to The Hotel Del. Head up to the big amusement parks, go to Grauman’s Chinese Theater, all that kind of stuff. San Diego is also listed as the 8th best big city to live in, if you can afford it. The weather there is perpetually awesome.

4.) The California Missions
There are twenty-one missions in California, I’d like to visit every one of them that is visitable. ( that’s a word.)

5.) The California Coastline
I’ve been to the beach. I’d like to go back and visit some places without taking my fears along for the ride. I’ve never been to Big Sur, supposed to be amazing. I’ve never been to Monterrey.

6.) Monument Valley and The Grand Canyon

7.) Paris, France
I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, there are so many places there that I’d like to visit, churches, museums, historical landmarks.

I’m not really sure what part of Italy I’d like to visit, but there’s definitely some places there that I’d like to see.

9.) Ireland
It looks beautiful. I’d like to see where some of my ancestors were from.

10.) New Orleans, Louisiana
The Southern charm, the history, the cemeteries. The food.

11.) Austin, Texas
I’ve read a lot of things about Austin the last few years, it’s supposed to be a great city for music, art, culture, food.

12.) The East Coast
I’m not really sure where all I’d like to visit on the east coast, but I’ve never been there and I hear there’s a lot of cool places to check out up towards the New England states.

13.) Towns of the Old West
I’d like to be able to visit towns of the old west that are outside of California, you can google up different lists of them. It sounds interesting.

14.) Spain
The churches, the history, the food.

15.) Charleston, South Carolina
I watched a show about this southern city and I think I’d like to check it out.

I think that’s a pretty good travelogue list, for starters.

Also, I decided to go with plain white here, on the webpage, stripped, because the vampire page is a lot of stuff, has a lot of work going on there, busy, and really, I haven’t found anything else that I think highlights the content the way that I want it to. I’ve gone plain white with it before and I got a lot done then, as I recall.

I hope this post spurs you on to think of all of the places that you’d like to visit!


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