The City of New Faith

0ecfdd7a77c09c3429b43f6fc09d1133For The Slick Furies, I created a completely fictional city, The City of New Faith, California, founded in 1607 by a Catholic Missionary, Father Dominic Deserda, though it was not named a township until 1789.

New Faith isn’t based on any one place. It began with having seen a picture of a building that consisted of both Gothic and Modern Architecture, mirrored glass and gargoyles, that became my model for the building that the vampire, Demetri Altrani owns, The San Sebastian. The San Sebastian takes up most of a city block. The ground floor comprises a series of businesses, The Crystal Witch book shop, Sonatas restaurant, and a variety of boutique stores. On the second floor is the nightclub, Calimere. The upper floors of the building are the luxury apartments of Demetri and his followers, The San Sebastian, is vampire central. Across the street is another hotel, The Arden, which figures prominently in several scenes. The downtown area of New Faith, builds out from there. Across downtown from The San Sebastian, is Saint Lucia House and Hospital, Saint Lucy’s. Built in 1951 as a teaching hospital and living quarters, Saint Lucy’s has a haunted past and is owned by The Aeternus Fidei Research and Development Center, an alleged pharmaceutical company. The population of New Faith is around six hundred thousand people, including the outlying areas.

The suburban areas of New Faith are like any suburbs, comprised of tract homes, housing developments, and strip malls. The areas farther out are based on the rural areas between towns here in California’s Central Valley. This is where I’ve placed the no-tell, motel, The Chateau Devane.

In writing The Slick Furies, I didn’t want to deal with the constraints of any known city. What occurred to me is that soap operas are set in fictional cities and towns, completely manufactured for the telling of the stories. I love the idea of that, within that I can name all the streets, businesses, arrange things however I like, and that really is a lot of fun. It can also be a lot to keep track of. I couldn’t check google maps for where I’d placed a particular street, I had to look it up in my own notes and work.

The City of New Faith is one of my favorite characters in the book, it makes its first appearance in The Slick Furies in chapter one.

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