Finn Treadwell

Finn Treadwell didn’t want to be a cop, he didn’t want to be a detective. He didn’t want to be an agent working for Tom Lassiter and The Aeternus Fidei. When Finn was sixteen, his thirteen year old brother was killed, murdered on a hunting trip. The crime has yet to be solved. Finn has an unholy bitch of an  ex-wife that he somehow, through the mystery of the courts, pays alimony to. He thanks God that they didn’t have any kids.Like Bruce,  Finn is also  in his mid-forties. Tall, lean, long hair, he wears boots and jeans, plain t-shirts, clothes that he doesn’t have to think much about. He looks like he could have been a member of  The Allman Brothers. He’s jaded, isn’t easily impressed, doesn’t suffer fools gladly, has an easy confidence. Finn goes out walking after midnight too, for a different reason. He is all about hunting and killing vampires, and has a particularly gruesome way in which he likes to finish them off, just to make sure they’re dead-dead. He’ll do just about anything to get the vampire, Demetri Altrani. Falling in love is the last thing on his mind, he’s not above sleeping with a co-worker, or two, however, if it’ll help them do their jobs better. Talessia Sinclair, is different, he sees that right away, and he knows he needs her on this case if he’s going to get Demetri. But will Finn’s hatred of Demetri, turn him into a different kind of monster?

Finn wasn’t an easy character for me to give myself permission to write, at first, because he isn’t the kind of love interest that I’d ever written before.  Him looking like he could have been a member of The Allman Brothers, is purposeful in that it gives an immediate context, not quite the same as saying that a character looked like he could have been a member of Poison or Motley Crue. Different kind of long hair. Personally, however, it was because that was the guy that was something of a mystery to me. I remember seeing a man who had that look, when I was a teenager, holding hands with his girlfriend, leaving a party after a there’d been a big argument. I never forgot the way he held her hand, the way he looked like you’d have to be a complete idiot to mess with him, but that he obviously loved her. I don’t know if I managed to endow Finn with all that, but I tried. It was also important to me that the characters are all flawed, conflicted, in the throes of some dilemma, because that’s people, and vampires too.  The name, Finn Treadwell, originated first from me thinking “in like Flynn,” and then thinking that I didn’t really like that, but then thinking about Huckleberry Finn, and a line from the movie “Tombstone,” a favorite, “I’m your Huckleberry.” The name Treadwell, is made up from the name of a stationery store, Treadways, where I used to buy my favorite pens.

Finn Treadwell makes his first appearance in THE SLICK FURIES , in chapter three.


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