Writing Implements and Accoutrements

Ideally, the perfect notebook would be able to get out of its own way. Meaning,ย  that it would fold back on itself like spiral notebooks do. It would have at least one pocket, preferably on the inside cover. The paper would be of sufficient quality so as to not be completely transparent so that one might write on both sides of a page, and, be able to read both sides of the page thereafter. It would be 6.5 inches wide, by 9.5 inches long, however, six by eight would be sufficient as well. It would contain at least two hundred, college ruled, pages, white or cream-colored, and, those pages would not be perforated. Said notebook would be available in a variety of solid colors, though I’m not opposed to novelty covers or some interesting picture or something cool. They would be reasonably priced, that is to say, not to exceed five or six dollars a piece in price, and really, I think that’s too much because I use a lot of notebooks, but I know, I’m talking about the perfect notebook here so really, I’d probably pay as much as seven dollars for one, or possibly more than that, but I don’t want to get into specifics.

This morning as I was reading, jotting some things down, wrestling with a composition book, I suddenly had the great waking moment of looking at said notebook and wondering just what I was doing with a composition book in the first place. Now, don’t misunderstand me, a great many writers happen to also have an addiction to paper, stationery, office supplies, pens, and the like, and as such, most have their individual preferences, which is to say, there are those who swear by the standard composition book as preferred notebook, and that is wonderful, good for them, I am glad that they have found their notebook of preference and choice. I, however, despise the standard composition book. I cannot, for the life of me, explain why I purchased several of them, however inexpensively, because the chances of me actually using them are slim to none. I’ve used the one of them that I will use. I will, however, find some way for them not to go to waste, of course. I mean, the paper around here will get used, I just won’t use them, those notebooks, for what I bought them for.

I’ve yet to find the exactly perfect notebook as described in the first paragraph of this post. I’ve found many notebooks that are close to fitting the description, though generally they will have perforated pages, obviously that isn’t a complete deal breaker because I’ve got to have a notebook. (Well, really, if it gets down to it, and I know this because there have been times when it has, what I’ve got to have is some kind of paper and a pen.) Usually I find myself returning to the standard spiral notebook made by the standard spiral notebook companies, in the 6.5 x 9.5 size. I’m not a fan of the Moleskine. I don’t care for the hardbound book-type journals or the stitched pamphlet style ones, I’ve enough of those to feel as though they’ve been thoroughly tried and tested. Oh, but the composition books, they simply will not do at all. Trying to write in one of those composition books, well, it reminds me of Mike Myers trying to figure out how to use a “Thighmaster” in the film “So I Married An Axe Murderer.” At any moment, the composition book may launch itself across the room and hurt somebody or break something. I realized this morning that I hadn’t been writing as much down notebook wise and that it was because of these notebooks, I hate using them so much that I was only writing down, making note of, what I couldn’t stand not to. Lately, I’ve been taking more notes, enough that it finally occurred to me that it’s the composition notebooks causing me writerly grief, I shan’t use them ever again, if I can help it.

Now, as far as pens go, I’ve found that uni-ball makes a good product, (it’s the name of the company), the Signo, the Deluxe Fine point, the Vision Elite, all good pens. However, my favorite pen for writing longhand, is the Sanford Expresso. The Sanford Expresso is a joy to write with, it makes me want to write. As far as pencils go, if I find for some reason that I have to use one, I’ve preferred the Papermate Black Warrior pencil for a number of years as I’ve found that they don’t break or splinter during sharpening. Had only I been paid for these endorsements.

Now, I think I’ll get back to said writing, since I now also have some notes to relocate into different notebooks. I am trying to be/get somewhat organized. Ah, the writer life for me.



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