Writing, Reading Saint Joan, Other Things

After having taken about a month off from writing, I’m writing again. I won’t say what or whats just yet. My former policy, of many years, of ever, was that I did not discuss what I was writing while I was writing it and that really works better for me. It also works out better for those times when you decided not to write whatever it is, as sometimes happens.

I’m reading, from what I am calling “The Big Book of Joan.” The Big Book of Joan is really this book,  “We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order To Live: Collected Non-Fiction” of one Saint Joan. She is intelligent, observant, her wit is dry, self-deprecating, she is unabashedly scathing in some of her commentary, unvarnished, bored, detached, engaged, morbidly interested in some very dark things, the criminal mind, her observations of having been present for certain historical events of the late 1960’s, the 1970’s, who knows what all, she sat in on a recording session with The Doors, wherein Jim Morrison was nearly a no-show and tells it in the most droll way as though it were any other day and I guess, for her, in those days, it kind of was, though not. She is habitually unimpressed, until she is impressed. It is speaking to me, and I am loving it.

Recent movies, watching … “Hacksaw Ridge”, was really good. I managed not to watch some of the more graphic scenes which are apparently some of the most graphic such scenes ever portrayed on film, nonetheless, great story, wonderfully told and acted. I also recently watched, for the first time, the classic film “Mildred Pierce”, (1945), starring Joan Crawford, a Joan of a different…Joan. It was good enough that I watched the whole thing. I’d tried to watch it once before and for whatever reason didn’t. Classified as a noir, a crime story, and it is that, but it’s really one of those old school star vehicles, like “Imitation of Life” was for Lana Turner. What I found interesting about “Mildred Pierce”, is that despite Crawford herself having come from humble beginnings, she’s hard to believe as the scrappy nobody who’s determined to be successful in order to continue to give her spoiled daughter everything that she, herself, never had. Her onscreen presence is beyond that from the beginning, and her performance, while good, is classically Joan Crawford cold. Really, it’s kind of worth watching to see Eve Arden as Ida Corwin, Mildred’s co-worker and friend. Overall, I’d give it a B+. As classic films go, it is considered to be one of the all time greats. Still catching up on episodes of “Supernatural.” This was a show that I didn’t really start watching until maybe a year and a half ago? when I went to episode one and have watched it all the way through to nearly being caught up now. I love this show. Also watching “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman”, and so far it has been excellent. The series explores different views of spirituality from the perspectives of different religions, and you can check that out here, on Nat Geo.

I don’t feel as rushed lately, perhaps I should, but, nonetheless, I am drinking coffee and tea at all hours still so, there’s that. It’s good to be writing again.