Dr. Ipsa Fisher

Ipsa Fisher is a brilliant physician, a pathologist, she is also a vampire.

Born in Tucumcari, New Mexico in 1908, Ipsa Fisher became a doctor because of the poverty and suffering she witnessed as a child, she wanted to help people. Ipsa died at the age of forty-two, in 1950, when she was turned into a vampire by Demetri Altrani, as his intended bride. Dr. Fisher, however, proved to be incredibly strong willed with ideas of her own. Painfully thin, she has jet black hair and sharp features, Ipsa is stunningly beautiful, and frighteningly cold. She refuses to feed directly on humans and though she works continuously at finding a cure for the vampirism, she long ago resigned herself to the realities of being a vampire in the interim. Indispensable to Demetri, he long ago resigned himself to the fact that Ipsa loathes him, and that, perhaps, she even pities him, though she is the only one that he dares to trust. But, just how far will Ipsa go to find a cure?

Ipsa Fisher isn’t based on any one person or inspiration, she was, and is, to me, a complete idea from start to finish. A strong, intelligent, woman, who, having made her own way in the world, finds herself in a situation where she must make a different set of choices because something beyond her control has happened. A person who, in life, was likely at one time incredibly warm and caring, who had to become exacting and cold in order to survive. Ipsa finds ways to continue her work, to hope, and to be somewhat quietly heroic. Despite the evil that she finds herself entrenched in, she manages to keep things straight. She is also completely deadly. Ipsa is one of my favorite characters in the book.

Dr. Ipsa Fisher makes her first appearance in The Slick Furies in chapter eighteen.


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