Bruce Valerian

Bruce Valerian is a detective employed by the City of New Faith.

Bruce Valerian is also unofficially employed by The Agency as a liaison between the City of New Faith and The Aeternus Fidei. If a corpse with a couple of puncture wounds the size of a pair of human canine teeth, or vampire fangs, happens to materialize within the city, Bruce gets the call. If The Agency needs information from the local police department, Bruce gets the call. If his best friend and unofficial work partner, Finn Treadwell, needs back-up, Bruce gets the call. If there’s a bloody mess to clean up, Bruce gets the call.

Bruce Valerian is in his mid forties, married to the same woman, Marlene, for twenty-five years, neither of them have ever been unfaithful or even considered it. They have two sons, one is stationed overseas, the other is away at a college on a partial scholarship. Bruce doesn’t talk about his kids. He eats too much of his wife’s cooking, admits as much, and it shows in the two-hundred and forty pounds on his six-foot tall frame. He wears glasses to read, to write things down in his notebook. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, though he is generally calm, owing to his many years on the job. He is loyal, trustworthy, completely reliable, with his priorities straight. He hits what he aims at. If there is a moral compass in the story, it is Bruce Valerian.

The best way that I can think of to sum up the inspiration for the character of Detective Bruce Valerian, is to say that if I were casting THE SLICK FURIES as a film, I’d cast a forty-something version of actor John Goodman. Bruce is both the calm anchor for some of the other characters, providing the voice of reason, and someone who no one smart would want to mess with.

Bruce Valerian makes his first appearance in THE SLICK FURIES in chapter three.


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