Charlene Reynolds

Charlene Reynolds is a horrible human being, but she can’t help it, she’s starving to death. In the quiet suburbs of New Faith, Charlene lives an average life soaked in her favorite cocktails, she spoils her three out of control kids, so that they’ll like her, or at least like her better than their father, or at least, leave her alone. She complains and cries constantly about her verbally abusive husband in order to get sympathy, while alternately laughing about it. She derides herself, jokingly, as a “bad mother,” but she doesn’t mean it, she only wants to hear someone tell her that she really isn’t one. Insecure and in desperate want of constant attention, even if it’s negative attention, crying gets you looking at her too, Charlene is opportunistic. She doesn’t care how she gets what she wants, or whom she has to climb over to get there, though she’s trying to deny it every day, because she wants so much to be a good person, or at least, to convince everyone that she is one, or at least to appear to be one. As thin as a wraith and seemingly a sad sack, underneath it all Charlene is really a vicious leach, completely lacking in warmth, feeding off of everyone around her, she is in complete control of the fact that her life is out of control, she loves hating it, but, will she sell her soul to fulfill her dreams of being something more than just the number one soccer mom in New Faith?

Charlene is the consummate desperate housewife, she is our window into the citizenry of New Faith, the average person in a city being haunted and terrorized by vampires, trying to sleep at night while a killer is on the loose.  In creating Charlene, I was thinking of some of the old movie stars like Joan Crawford, or Barbara Stanwyck, scrappers determined to make it big, no matter what it costs them, Charlene has that same want to be a “star” as those Hollywood dames of bygone days.

Charlene Reynolds makes her first appearance in THE SLICK FURIES in chapter four.


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