Arbuckle Bruner

Arbuckle Bruner is a vampire. He is the main henchmen for Demetri Altrani.

Arbuckle stands six feet, two inches, tall. Everything about him is thick, from his square head, tree-trunk of a neck and broad shoulders, to his wide mid-section, and substantial legs. His hands are like sledgehammers, giant meat-hooks. He was between the ages of seventeen and twenty years old, living in hiding, having committed murder, when Demetri found him and turned him into a vampire, in 1933. Arbuckle is just smart enough to know when someone is playing him for stupid. He likes cartoons, and alcohol. He has difficulty differentiating between animals as pets, and humans as pets. Arbuckle is a cold-blooded killer, and completely loyal to Demetri.

From the beginning of writing THE SLICK FURIES, I knew exactly who Arbuckle Bruner was as a character, he is loyal, somewhat childlike in his reasoning ability and wanting of love and companionship, he is lonely without understanding it as such, his thought process isn’t overly complicated, he wants to be clever but never quite manages it, he is violent as a matter of course, and in some ways, he is more terrifying than Demetri himself, as Arbuckle, even in life, was without any kind of moral compass or code beyond his own ideas at any given moment. He is loyal to Demetri because he believes that Demetri saved him, was good to him in giving him a job, the fact that Demetri is evil, doesn’t occur to Arbuckle.  The two main inspirations that I drew on in creating  Arbuckle Bruner were that of real life silent film actor and comedian,  Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (1887-1933), and the fictional character Luca Brasi, from the novel “The Godfather,” by Mario Puzo. 

Arbuckle Bruner makes his first appearance in THE SLICK FURIES in chapter six.


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