Reading. Watching Movies. Editing. Writing.

So I’m reading, no, really, I am. I’m also fighting a cold, so I watched a couple of movies.

The first one is this film “HICK”, that I’ve been wanting to watch for a while. It’s dark, twisted, weird, kind of quirky-odd with interesting, excellent, performances. A young lady, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, who has spent a good portion of her childhood in a local bar with her boozing mother, played by Juliette Lewis, and father, portrayed by Anson Mount, decides to run away from home. She encounters characters played by Blake Lively, Eddie Redmayne, Alec Baldwin, and they aren’t all nice and they don’t all have her best interests at heart. I think that this is kind of one of those that you’d watch for the performances, I kind of kept expecting for it to have a big scene at some point however it could be that what keeps it interesting is that the level of emotion stays pretty monotone even in the most climactic, violent, moments, like a long, hot, afternoon, like a malaise, or like the participants are in a perpetual state of shock at their own existence, to some degree.

The other new to me movie that I watched was “Backtrack”, starring Adrien Brody and Sam Neill. This one starts out looking kind of predictable, you think you’ve got it figured out or know what direction it’s going in, and then you have no idea and the next thing you know you’ve eaten most of the caramel corn right out of a Christmas tin that you opened early because… caramel corn, without even knowing that you did. I guess “thriller” is an apt description, Noir-ish, with definite elements of horror, and an ending that I didn’t see coming. I almost stopped watching this one but then it changed things up.

The premise, a psychiatrist loses his daughter to an accident, and then, is he losing his mind to the grief ?

I also re-watched “Valley Girl”, I’d written that bit the other day from memory, I probably hadn’t watch the film in about five years. I stand by my opinion that they should not remake that film as a musical, ever. I also realized how long ago the 80’s really was and it made me want to watch something else, something with adults portraying adults. So now, kind of haphazardly trying to clear the Netflix list. You know, all that stuff that you put on there that you’re gonna watch and then it’s just still on there, ’cause you didn’t watch it yet?

Editing the story collection. I added a story back into the collection, making it nineteen stories total, of varying lengths. I’m carrying the manuscript around the house with me, my red pen clipped to it, and I really can’t wait to get this one done and get to the next one and then the next. I like this idea of always having my latest manuscript with me in some stage of its creation, getting cup rings from my coffee and tea on it, the pages curling and getting dog-eared. The writerly life for me.

In that, taking a little time to re-group, fighting a cold, you know it’s that beginning of December cold, the one that everyone in the grocery store has this time of year all of a sudden and you think, “Captain Trips”, just for a moment and then it passes because you know it isn’t? Right? Incidentally, the Nyquil without the alcohol in it, it works just as good.

I’m still thinking about what my next writing project is going to be, but, having taken this little bit of time not working on anything new, just editing, gave me a moment of epiphany. A moment of epiphany that was very freeing with regard to my own attitudes about my own work. I’m still thinking on it, will likely expand upon the subject at some point but I think that the gist of what I’m feeling with regard to my own writing is unencumbered. Which would be part of why I imported some posts to this page from a page that didn’t quite work for me, but this one is. This is a fine side-blog.

I’m really enjoying getting some reading done too. I’m going to whittle my writing project list down, get through my stack of books that I’m reading and just keep adding another one to it whenever I finish one. Yepper, the writerly life for me.


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