Grain, Some Stories 2011-2016

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While I was taking a break from all things vampire, I put together a collection of eighteen short stories that I hope to make available for purchase in January of 2017.

Of the eighteen, six have been previously published or have appeared on my web page. You may have noticed when I did the change over to wordpress that I removed some of the links to featured posts, stories. I am re-writing, editing, and sprucing things up. Some of the stories will return as wonderful samples for your reading enjoyment. I will post links, as applicable, when the book is published.


I want my stories to be available in print form, even if they were previously published online. I recently updated my own technological awareness in a variety of ways. I’ve got reading apps on my phone and despite my laments to the contrary, I’ve accepted the modern mobile phone as a multi-functional-computeriffic device. Not only that, I’ve decided to roll with it. Why heck, I’ve decided to embrace it! However, the fact remains that I love to collect old books, and have in my possession several that are over one hundred years old. I’ve yet to have a computer last longer than five years. We take digital pictures, we publish online, and technology moves so quickly that much of it is disposable. Zines, online magazines, sometimes come and go, as do print publications, for that matter. I want my stories, poems, printed up in books so that they might last longer.

To that end, if you’ve followed along for any length of time, you may have noticed that I have also removed, unpublished, all of the chapters of the novella that I composed entirely online titled, “Loralee.” I always wanted to do something more with it and so it is on my list of books to publish, projects to complete.


The checked off numbers/titles are Winsome Vein, The Slick Furies, and Grain, respectively. Some of those numbers are merely ideas, complete ideas, some of them are outlines with substantial work already completed, the majority are completed manuscripts in need of editing or re-writes/re-writing. After selecting the stories for Grain, I’ve got probably another twenty short stories of varying lengths, from flash fiction up to novelette length, for another collection. The final word count for Grain came in at just over thirty-two thousand words, one hundred and forty-three pages. That puts me at over one hundred thousand words for the year, easily. If I rushed it, I could get this book out before the first of the year but I don’t want to do that. When I publish it, and re-introduce those links to the stories that have already been published, I will offer up something of a synopsis for each story.

One of the other things on that list of books to get done is the sequel to The Slick Furies.  That will be a job, one requiring some research. I’ve been thinking about ways to promote this series of vampire hunter novels, which are something of a parody, a send-up, and right now, I’m just thinking about some of those things because that itself could easily eat up all of my focus, or it could try to, and there are so many other things that I want to write and get done. I could probably spend a couple of years working on nothing other than my backlog of poetry as well, I don’t want to do just that either. There’s a time frame for starting the sequel beginning to develop itself in my head. I know that when I get into that, it’ll be all killing vampires for a while which is all to say, that’s why I’m not working on it yet.

I don’t know what the next book is, what I want to work on next. Right now, I’m organizing and sorting. I need another file cabinet. I’m out of printer paper. As I’m taking some time to organize and sort, I’m finding other things that I wrote and/or started to write. My desk is cleared off again, temporarily.

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