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“I came to America in 1914, by way of Philadelphia. That’s where I got off the boat. And then I came to Baltimore. It was the most beautiful place you ever seen in your life. There were lights everywhere! What lights they had! It was a celebration of lights!I thought they were for me, Sam, who was in America! I didn’t know what holiday it was but there were lights. And I walked under them. The sky exploded, people cheered, there were fireworks! What a welcome it was, what a welcome!”  
From the film, Avalon. 

Avalon, of Arthurian legend, place of lore. America,  perhaps the same, stories of arrival in this country retold through generations, oral history. The beginning of this film, Avalon, always struck a cord because while this fictionalized families history may be different from our own, it is his sense of wonder at a new world that reminds us of our own dreams. Possibility, hope, for now, for the future, for a better life, and what that translates as is so purely individual perhaps in specific want but the emotion of it is more universal. But it is that individual freedom that is so important.