Closer Still, Fast and Real

What is going on around here is that I am setting up my Amazon Author Page, not freaking out about that at all, and I am reviewing the final corrections on these two books, whilst also figuring out how to make them available as I would like to and not screw anything up.

I have a new appreciation for the amount of work that goes into creating a book. I used to think that twenty-five dollars for a newly released hardback was kind of steep, I no longer think that. I may write more about that and this process later. However, neither of these titles of mine will be selling for quite that much.

I finished my final corrections, made changes to names in both books, hoping I corrected every misplaced or misused word, had some good laughs at some of it. Feeling, and thinking, now would be a good time to take a moment.

Everything feels very fast right now, and very real.


Link to Amazon Author Page, I think. Teri Skultety.

I guess some of the stuff takes time to update. Learning as I go. Hoping to have the novel available in less than three weeks.

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