Working on the final edits…

I’m working on the final corrections for my novel, The Slick Furies, reading through the proof, and then I’m going to work up some mini-bios for some of the characters. I was reminded of this scene from one of my favorite movies, Only Lovers Left Alive. I wrote the book before I ever saw this film or knew that it existed, but one of the characters, Shavonne, is this something of this type of a completely selfish character that Ava is, older but not too much more mature than this. It doesn’t matter what you give them, their sense of entitlement makes it impossible for it to ever be enough, and they’ll come back for as long as you let them, “Oh, can I just have a little bit more of what’s on your plate? I know you’re starving now because I’ve taken so much but…oh, please…”

What I love about this scene though is his reaction to her being there. You can see that Eve has been more than patient and understanding, sympathetic, even though she shouldn’t be, but his reaction is…“What the fuck are you doing here?”

Back to work.



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