Coming Soon… The Slick Furies, and, Winsome Vein…



Not only am I awaiting proofs for my vampire novel, The Slick Furies, ( got ’em!) which I hope to have available for purchase in October, but I have finished edits on Winsome Vein, a very personal selection of thirty-nine poems written from 2005 to 2008, that I hope to release in November.

That’s about one hundred-thousand words typed, edited, formatted, etc. this year. Two books. I met the deadline(s) that I had set for both projects. I am super happy and excited about how it looks like the design of both books has turned out, waiting for those advance copies. I wanted to get the bulk of the work done before really getting into the fall season and the wonderful distractions of the holidays. I didn’t want to be thinking, Oh, I’ve got to get that book done! while I’m baking pies or enjoying the falling leaves, carving pumpkins, finishing up preparations for the winter months. ( It’s California, it isn’t like I’ve got to stock up on canned goods for the impending blizzards but you know there are things you still want to get done before the weather changes.)

However now, I’m feeling somewhat out of sorts. Getting that much work done requires determination and focus. It requires sitting in the chair at the keyboard every day until the work is done. It’s a climb, it’s a push, it isn’t easy. Having done that, I’m think I’m finding it kind of hard to get myself up out of the chair! I’m telling myself, Okay, now clean up your office. Clean off your desk. It is time to get things squared away before beginning the next project. My desk is only ever “clean” in between projects. I haven’t decided what the next book will be just yet, I’ve got a couple of things in mind. I will be finishing at least one other book, about something else, before I write a sequel. I need to, for my own head, but I also think that it’ll be a better book ( the sequel) if I let the idea rest for a while. Really, I think that I’m actively avoiding organizing all of the papers, files, notes, research, from writing the vampire novel. There is more work to do there in preparation for the next books. I want and need to write mini-bios for the characters and so on. It seems a strange idea that the huge pile of papers that I’ve been working from should not be on my desk anymore. I think it feels like, I finished the book! Now what? Only not really because I know now what. I also really just want to get so much reading done, and watch some movies! I think that during the creative part of writing something, it’s easier for me to be in life and be writing. During editing and the more technical aspects of a project, it feels to me like I’ve really got to be nose to the grindstone about it. I’m a workaholic about it either way really.

Two books in one year. I’m very proud of that accomplishment. I’m excited. I’m waiting to be nervous until the books are for sale. This summer changed everything for me. There was a moment where everything that seemed like it had been in the way for so long, fell away.

I’d dish up cover previews of both books but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.


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