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I’ve read another of Anya Seton’s works titled “The Turquoise” that I also really enjoyed, a story set in the southwest, and have on my to be read list “Dragonwyck”, having found an old hardback copy of in a thrift store. Seton writes wonderful historical fiction, some with Gothic elements, as “Green Darkness” has,  and as so many of her titles were best sellers, very popular, they are still available in newly printed editions.

Anya Seton

Lisa See is another of my favorite authors, beautiful stories of love, relationships, family, tradition, told within historical settings, timeless, poignant, heartbreaking. I adore these books.

Lisa See

The story of an unconventional woman who, despite her exceptional intelligence and worldliness, finds herself unable to navigate the treacherous waters of the hypocrisy of 19th Century manners. Of course there is a love story involved. Cuttingly pointed and poignant, it is simply one of the most mature, brilliant, stories that I’ve ever read. With this timeless, classic, novel, Edith Wharton became the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1921.

Edith Wharton

My introduction to the work of Louise Erdrich was her novel, “Tracks” and I was immediately enthralled. Like the work of Lisa See, I felt that I’d found the adult version of the kind of stories that I loved as a girl. When I read “Love Medicine”, I knew for certain that I’d found another author whose work I was going to collect and read for years to come. I think that since my youth I’d been looking for writing that would speak to me in the same way that the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder did. Stories about relationships, about life, however they are also historical fiction, stories about heritage, religion, spirituality, sex, death, and survival.

Louise Erdrich

Other authors whose work I’ve recently discovered and enjoyed, Delia Sherman, and Carson McCullers .  

I also hope to find time to read more Barbara Kingsolver and to get into the reading of some Westerns. I’ve got a couple of Louis L’Amour novels on the shelf, as well as a variety of classics and antique books that I’ve picked up here and there, Native American stories, and poetry. The kinds of stories that I like to read. I also still have a lot Shakespeare and Marlowe that I want to read, in addition to finally getting to that big book of “Don Quixote.”


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