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Intellectual De-Evolution or a Cultural Cycle?

Second episode of Wayward Pines, season two… Blood Harvest…
The youth leader Carrie utters the line…
“Our lives are more important than his arrogant.”
My thought… “arrogance.” Incorrect usage of the word, wrong form. The line should have been…
“Our lives are more important than his arrogance.
What I think is, how many people heard that and didn’t realize that it was incorrect?
Did they write it that way intentionally? To further illustrate the ignorance of the well intended, however misguided, youth leadership of Wayward Pines?
I then proceed to fill two pages, longhand, about the possible, potential, probable, dumbing-down of pretty much everything.
I stopped myself as I began to delve into the area of some of the nearly unintelligible, if not purposely slurred, lyrics of some of today’s popular music.
I think to myself, as I look at the cover of the notebook that I’m writing in, the one that says “Lynyrd Skynyrd” on it, spelled all kinds of wrong, possibly, then I think about the other notebook that I have like that where upon “Deaf Leopard” is spelled “Def Leppard.” I think about all of the unintelligible lyrics uttered throughout music history and realize, that’s probably not a good leg to stand on. At which point I am reminded of a scene from the movie “Hollywood Homicide” wherein Sgt. Joe Gavlin is telling Olivia Robidoux that he doesn’t get today’s music and she tells him, “You ain’t supposed to.”
And I think yeah, okay.
Still though, I wonder.
Is this just the repetition of a cyclical cultural changing of the guard from one generation to the next?

Or is there really a more serious problem going on in this country, this world? Meaning, more serious than we’ve seen before? Or is it simply that it is the first time that my generation is having to really deal with any of it? There have been a lot of jokes about the film “Idiocracy” this election season, but really, it isn’t that funny.


Put some Brawndo on it?

My husband and I were talking about going to the movies the other day and I said, “You know how I said that I hope that they don’t ever re-make any of those old Noir films, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, I might have been wrong about not remaking some of those films, because it seems like that the only movies that they’re making any more, or rather for the most part, are films that cater to the lowest common denominator in terms of intellect. But is that really true? Not completely. People are stressed out, they don’t want to have to think, they want to go to the movies to forget about things for a while, to be entertained, and that is completely valid and really, what the movies are for.ย But then I see today how the Supreme Court voted to strike down a Texas abortion law that would have required the clinics to raise the standards of the facilities providing the services to the women. Then it all went on about the “Constitutional Reproductive Rights of Women.”ย What’s wrong with that is the way that people are talking about it in general, as though their rights come from the government. So the government has granted you the right to marry, the right to get an abortion, the right to own a gun, a knife, a car, smoke a cigarette… well… No.ย Some would then say that we get our rights from God. What if you don’t believe in God?ย What if you were here before there was a “government” and you didn’t believe in “God”?ย  Where do your rights come from?

My rights as a human being are inherent to my being, existing because I exist, not as a gift or a granting from some other source.ย But that’s all a lot to think about, isn’t it?ย The truth is, freedom, being free, is a really a big responsibility.ย I don’t know if we’re experiencing a cultural de-evolution or if this is just part of the normal cycle of human existence. But, I have noticed it.


27 June, 2016


( note: I never finished watching whatever episodes remained of “Wayward Pines.”)