Through Another Lens

This isn’t a documentary about a photographer of New York fashion and, or, street fashion. It is a documentary about an artist, whose medium happens to be photography, a man to whom fashion is art, and that is how he photographs it. Through his lens, a world of vibrant eccentricity has been captured, cataloged, and archived, a time capsule of our culture over the course of several decades, on film, creating a unique historical record of a world that viewed from another angle, could sometimes easily pass for Mars. We are strange, wonderful creatures, beautiful pieces of walking talking illumination in fine threads. This is a documentary about a quiet man, delicate perhaps, in his own uniqueness, and how he has lived his life for his art, around it, in pursuit of it, completely immersed in it, which makes for a fascinating portrait of the modern artist, in and of itself.

Bill Cunningham, New York Video Channel

Author: Teri Skultety

I write fiction, poetry, and prose.

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