A Kindness.

Last night I went to bed early.
I couldn’t sleep.
When I finally fell asleep,
I had a waking dream.
I had been thinking of putting a pink streak
in my yellow hair,
instead I saw
a rainbow there.
I visited for a while,
with my Irish great-grandmother,
she loved the color pink.
I saw her smooth cheek,
powdered soft,
hiding among the wrinkles
on her fine face.
I saw the praying hands
on the end table
in her living room,
and felt how much she loved,
despite her hard, harsh, life.
She was all love.
I sat with her looking at a birthday card and listened
to her say,
“This is a kindness. You have given me a kindness.”
I turned that one light on
and off
and on
Until they told me to leave it alone,
fascinated with the magic
of electricity.
I remembered where
the feathers go
in the glass lady’s hat,
the one she gave to me,
and a white apparition
that I had seen twice
when I was a child.
Then I came back,
I looked around the room, thinking that I might
see that spirit again,
knowing that it was gone,
with that time,
the world turned, the door closed.
I tried not to get out of bed,
to go and write it all down.

Teri Skultety