In The Darkness Deep.

And justย  when I thought that I knew… something…
when I thought that I might have some understanding of magic
when I thought that I had some faint idea of what to do with these words
how to make them seem more than they were …
You showed me
how the stars were lit
one at a time
by candlelight
and made me think
for just a moment that they set to shine for me
And showed me that they were
and how they yet still
belong to the sky and anyone who knows how to look upon it
this gossamer skin
the slivered shards of the panes of the wings set in some fashion that might
again one day know flight
and you,
You showed me
how the thorn protects the most pale rose
and guards away the promises we keep
no matter then the distance or worry
for when
we sleep
and how the dark of night is greener still
in those spare hours of the brooding deep
where infinity is not longer than the breath
you steal away in moments passing
and bid me look again in disbelief
and wonder
what it is that I am seeing
and what then of the effort and its meaning?
for you must surely know that such things
might send me reeling.
You showed me
all of the things that we…. don’t have words for
… honored,
grateful, thankful,
and, finally,
You showed me.

Teri Skultety
8, October, 2014