Solarcidal Tendencies.

This hasn’t been a bad week.

Out now from the wonderful editors at Solarcide, Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew, SOLARCIDAL TENDENCIES , the best of, so far! This is a unique collection of stories from some of today’s brightest authors on the rise. I am so very pleased to have my story THE LOVE included in this collection.


As I’ve sorted out my way on my journey to “really” doing this “writer becoming a published author this is my life”Β  thing, through pseudonyms and changes while finding my groove, Solarcide has been there taking chances. For me what that has meant and been is a reminder to write whatever it is that I want to write, something that has ultimately lead to having the confidence to drop the pseudonym, not worry so much, and get after it.

With a table of contents fully loaded and ready to rock your socks, this one is really a must have for anyone of discerning literary tastes looking for that particularly delicious flavor of words to satisfy their palette.

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And be sure to visit Solarcide, The home of dark and weird fiction, for their latest goings on!
Happy reading!
~ Teri Skultety
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