FLASH ME! The Sinthology!

Β From Solarcide, transgression, indiscretion and Oops, pardon me! But don’t look the other way, feast your eyes on these stories with a direct look that says you mean to devour as twenty six different authors take on the topic of SIN.

Very pleased to be a part of this as those who read anything I’ve written know, sin makes regular appearances in my work, for as we live and breath, we are tempted by the very nature of our own existence. It is a theme that I find fascinating and have every intention of continuing to explore…at least with my words. From the Fall of Man to Mary Magdalene, The Scarlet Letter and beyond, the roots of our so called sins are well documented in the histories of our literature as are all of the ways we try to reconcile ourselves with it and redeem ourselves from it.

Gather around my darlings as Solarcide( & Chester Pane ) get naked on the pages ofΒ  FLASH ME! The Sinthology.

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~ Teri Skultety

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