A Lovely View

Should I be sorry
having loved at all?
That I’ve loved you?
that I still do.
I’ll tell you what,
you be you
and I’ll be me
and we’ll see,
what happens in this here world.
We can circle one another
with all the respect
that only two such dangerous
creatures can give.
I know what you could do
if you really wanted to
do you see that too,
or only that I do?
Isn’t it
a stunning precipice
that we see
in each other?
Your fingerprints feel like mine
pressed to mine,
because you took the time
to learn the steps to this dance
I danced alone,
improvised, ill- advised and otherwise.
Β I remember the moment that I knew
that it was you,
watching close from a distance.
Β I don’t care
how long you stare
right through me.
I’ll worry about what I’m going to do
Such a lovely view
to fade into,
if only I were as beautiful
as you.

Writing “The New Poems” as they come to me, thought I’d share this one.Β