The Eve of All Saints.

It is the Eve of All Saints.
Beware your steps,
tread lightly between the darkness and the break of day,
Β first, do no harm, that no harm Β come to you.
Beware your cloaks and daggers,
and all the earthly wagers on your soul,
Β for it can be neither bought nor sold,
Β but only freely given,
while you stand among the livin’, in disguise.
Beware your lies unspoken,
your heart holds them, but a token,
Β of the truth you do not say,
Β and yet you give away,
with your eyes,
and where they wander,
Β do not look over yonder
for the morning is gift, and
Β though I know you don’t believe it
one needs a blessing to receive it.
Let not your thoughts be lead astray,
Be well you then, and go your way.
Blessings and Safe Travel.Β  Happy Halloween!