Blues Angel Sustain.

And in the moment when I couldn’t stand the pain,
He made it rain.
And I against my better judgement,
I hated him a little less,
For making such a mess,
Of saving me,
Of knowing more than any mortal had a right to
And keeping me awake
Those nights straight.
I tell myself I will fight harder,
Whatever good that will do me,
He sees right through me.
I tell myself I’ll make him wait,
But he could wait forever if he wanted to,
Maybe he already has,
The patience of a Saint,
And I’d be a fool if I let that fool me,
Into thinking he means to let me rest too long.
He rights the wrong,
And got me good,
and knew he would,
And now I envy
Everyone who knows him.
Where do I begin,
Where do I begin?
To measure up,
To make amends.
When I couldn’t stand the pain,
He made it rain.