The Fragile Veil.

Time dancing ever forward
down hallwaysΒ in
and out of doors,
through cellophane spun dreams
and in dark woods imagined real
you hold my hand and feel
the bloodstream ‘neath my skin
and know I let you in.
While I fight you like addiction
because you like the friction,
and comprehend that you could be the end
of me. Or the beginning
of a real life.

Β Transgressions of a soul,
Β you are inΒ my head, my heart
too deep,
be my fortress in my sleep,
your arms around me keep.
What if I haven’t got the strength left
to surrender?
My fragility betrayed
when the last veil falls away.

Β Wonder if you know,
and wonder like I do,
what of this is true?
More so than we say.
Words leaving us wanting
an ache of understanding,
of old enough to turn away,
how the consequence,
of waiting
Β turns Winter into Spring
and Summer into aging,
when we should still be raging,
too lean and claiming youth.

Looking then too long,
round the curve and bend
we try to see,
quietly and still,
try to hear what will
and will not be,
will we call it destiny,
let fate be the grand excuse
for all we didn’t say and do?
I thought to think of you,
just the other day.

I try to tell myself,
all those adages and fables,
beauty comes from within,
trying to turn the tables
on my vanity,
thinking romance is a memory,
because I’ve seen the world so ugly,
and wondered if you love me,
but all I ask is how long can you stay.

Standing in some window,
Your flannel loose off my shoulder,
in some ransomed remainder
of every other Season,
of all of life I wanted,
and hope for somehow still, though
somehow not as much
as yesterday.
What sweet necessity to me you are,
you ask forgiveness,
is this love become a sickness?
Moved the mattress to the floor,
we don’t care anymore,
or any less,
only what does it matter,
around the edges of the moonlight
shine and
welcome night.