The Castle Rose or Fractured Fairy Tales in the Void

 August 2008

The Castle Rose

The Queen was in seclusion,

Following delusions

Of having seen something real.

Ol’ Blue Eyes,

The King of Mass Appeal,

Sinatra singing Witchcraft,

She guessed that was the last laugh,

Spin the Ferris Wheel,

Place your bets,

What can we make her feel?

What she regrets?

Cut the deal, steal the words,

From the bottom of the deck,

She never heard them in her slumber,


She lost the names and numbers,

Couldn’t read,

Couldn’t see,

She might be,

The one to

Make a difference,

The one to change your mind.


Over before she knew it, she was in too deep,

They said there’s nothing to it but she was asleep,

She’d stake it all back and make it right again,

But her time machine was taken by a repo man,

She couldn’t remember anything,

Except for maybe shame?

The only true life in a game,

Return to start?

Don’t you know you had her heart?

As much as she could give it,

As much as she could live it,

You had everything

Dreamed in every breath that broke her,

Every moment since you woke her.

Sorry that she wasn’t strong enough

To begin with

To brave the blind

To call the bluff,

Because she had the hand,

To beat the band,

But wanted more,

Than keeping score.

Maybe she got her due,

And there is nothing true,

But memories of fireflies,

Of Magi’s

In lands where swordfish sing

Of Xanadu,

And Saturn shines his rings,

On magic Big Wheel rides,

Through Southern skies,

Where she was a child,

When she was a child,

Before that was taken too.

Whatever it was worth,

She will always have those sweet memories of love,

Of hope of possibilities,

And you.