The Talk Is Savage.

the talk is savage
and they try to turn the rainbow on its side
call it a boomerang while i look at it and say,
‘nope, that is just refracted light and it looks pretty on your face’
the talk is weaponry
and they try to load the clip with chaos
call it a revolution while i am looking into your eyes and say
‘nope, that is justΒ  the silly string can left over from the last party’
the talk is subversion
and they try to create it with smart phones and bitching and i call you, say
‘we could be naked right now’
because we gots to have our priorities, right?
if it’s the end of the world, if,
cuz baby that ain’t nothing nobody can prepare for
no matter how hard
we try.
and i say, you know,
I know this place where we could go
and lets not waste time filing off the serial numbers
what are you packing anyway?
cuz my bullet proof vest don’t seem to do no good about you.
and the talk is
what’s she talkin ’bout?
my new box of hair color
because it didn’t go blonde enough
to get you to answer me.
or my nice straight teeth.
and how they’ll take that
twist it up into somethin
like a licorice whip
and I will just eat it up
and wash it down with your spit.
the talk is savage,
but that don’t make no never mind baby,
espresso is a good cover
for most anything.
why do you think
starbucks is so popular.

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