If We Had These Roses.

If we had these roses,
If we had these roses,
What would they take away with them,
if we had those moments that we never had and always had, back again,
mistletoe and snow and all the things that glow into the gleaming distraction
of buttons and bows, parades, pageants and shows, where it stops starts, over stuffed
If we had these roses, velvet red,
and the white table clothe was ironed,
we’d use the napkins rings
made from gold pipe cleaners,
and the linen name cards,
embossed in silver.
There were once these roses,
in a gilded lily bowl, on the coffee table,
and we said it was Christmas
and held in that breath for that moment
letting time stand still…
the lights were lit and awe let out and sunk in,
illuminating Emerald green, the sights we’ve seen.
We could hear the strains of the far off song,
The carol gone wrong,
and wandering through the streets
in search of carriage.
If we had these roses…I think…if we were holding hands,
when we are holding hands,
it wouldn’t matter what we didn’t have,
it doesn’t matter,
If we had these roses.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year in 2012
~Teri Skultety