Still November



Certain healthy obsessions should be fed, nurtured, owning to the fact that we are never “too old” for the things we love, that the most important person to learn to embrace is oneself, go on, give yourself a hug and note; graduation from the school of hard knocks with outstanding student loans is a post-graduate course all its own and avoid that. So before I get too far ahead of myself, again…


Cultural observations, canvas of an age, the more things change, well, the more they change…(I probably need to tune in some Dr.Feelgood or some G-N-R, on the heels of all this.)

The Kolchak episode, really funny, smart, hip, could have been possibly a precursor to things like never getting over macho grande. Cher…I was one of many girls who sang along to Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, wanted to wear those Mackie clothes and be that glamorous, Indian-Armenian Rapunzel goddess, this video of hers is some of the events of her life really, up to that point, and you think, look what Cher has been through and then you think look at all those dollars she can use for hankies on a bad day ( because keep calm and write on, one foot in front of the other, because she never quit doing what she loved, never quit being Cher… spoken like a girl trying to escape the sticks…)However, also, someone took a shot at the White House today and kind of noticed a headline in this. Thinking about the stages of our lives, literal and otherwise, all the things we live and love and survive. (Now, I’m a grown woman who owns it, yeah I sing with Cher songs, she doesn’t know about it…)

Did you know that Carly Simon was a Simon as in Simon and Schuster, publishing. I never think I’m Carly Simon, but I do like this song. And that’s more personal.

Reference points…what would have been my grandmothers eighty-second birthday was this week. The last time I spoke to her on her birthday, was seven years ago. Her recipe card file, full of golden ingredients and homemade deliciousness, resides in my kitchen. Her songs reside in my heart, The Platters, The Andrew Sisters, laying on her floor listening to, “Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me…” She had a lot of records, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Hank Sr., George Jones and Tammy Wynette, the Statler Brothers, I know the Hee Haw to Buck Owens to Dwight Yoakam and yep. Don’t want to give too much of it away, she is at the roots of my roots. Don’t know what she would think of what I write, she read every day of her life. I never really showed her any of it though she kept me supplied with paper, but I tend to think ( hope) she was proud of me.

When we think about self, there are ingredients of others that go into the mix, the experiences that go into making us who we are, whether it’s grandma’s recipes or the band we started listening to because the object of our affection had all the records, how much reflection is healthy? Maybe that isn’t it, maybe it’s about embracing loving ourselves, picking up the puzzle pieces and saying this is me, I love the color red, and this is me, I love the rain, cokes and sugar-free cokes, and this was my grandmother’s, she loved this color and this was her recipe for my favorite cookies and now I know how to make themย  andย  it’s just totally great that I still think Cher is awesome and watch Kolchak…and cherry Dr. Pepper, which I only recently discovered…)

ย Refrain in brain is…sometimes it makes sense after.


~Teri Skultety

( was very tempted to post several other Statler Bros. songs,ย  listened to several versions of the gospel tune “the Soul Never Dies,” she liked that, ( I like that one) I was also listening to several different versions of “Red Rain” by Peter Gabriel, Red’s cover of Ordinary World, watching that video and wondering what my grandmother would have thought of all this technology, the Wizard of Oz was such a huge deal, still is really,) what would she make of all that there is nowย  – )


Harriet: “It’s November here. Kissy.”

Teddy: “It’s November everywhere, genius.”
from the film “Private Benjamin”

The best is yet to come ~ย ย 

(thought this was going November Rain huh? love that song. Cover of Live and Let Die maybe? Slash made a record, want to get that, so awesome… was in the zone here, really had to control myself…the temptation was to list all of the things I like…)