Tiger Lily


You don’t know the way I’ve broken for you,
You don’t know what this has done to me,
This love,
This longing,
This belonging to you
For so long,
You don’t know how much I love,
How much I can,
What I am capable of,
What I give,
What I can,
How I hope,
What I dream,
You don’t know how I pray for salvation,
From things I know,
And wish I could make it right for you,
Without it being wrong,
For me,
Or someone,
You don’t know,
How I love you still,
In ways there are no words for,
In ways you never heard before,
And wouldn’t understand,
What will I do?
What would you want for me?
Sleep easy,
Sleep easy,
I’ll tell you a story…

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