let them eat cake.


The words are on the tip of my tongue, I can’t quite feel them to spit them out, numb. What I want to say is more profound than I can comprehend in any way I could present in colorfully turned phrases or wanton metaphor, metaphor is an awful whore anyway. I want to tell you a story that would change your life for the better, make every rotten day a priceless gift, lift you up so you could see beyond the superficiality of this flesh and bone, this ache and moan, to know that you were meant to be and we, are of the ever after. Stardust settled unto Earth, there is no measure of the worth of your soul, no price high enough to represent the value of an hour spent with one you love or a moment lost to chance. I want to tell you that there is chance in everything that is destined and destiny in everything that is chance. I want to shore you up in moments weak, help you lift your head and see the strength in your fragility, the hope in your despair, the beauty of your breaking, the necessity of your scars that provide a thicker skin in those places. All your hopes and dreams and wants that never came to be, that fell like only memories, are out there, hanging in some high thin air, suspended on a dare, sustaining you in ways you never knew when you thought you were and think you are, empty. I want to touch your hand and look into your eyes and send a shock right through you so that you will see the moon and the stars for the first time and know…that this is Eden…that you might then find some peace of mind and be free of all your preconceived notions. Understand that no matter what we say and do to each other to survive here, no matter what others do, we remain, ONE, sprung forth and returning to the same Well that is the Breath of God Almighty, whatever that   means   to    youit is the place from whence I came, however different we are the same in moments so fleeting we’re left to wonder what we saw at all, lingering with us, questioning what is real here.
   If only… I had the words to tell you everything I know. 

~ Teri Skultety

from a collection entitled Gold Mine, that I copywrote and now perpetually rewrite.

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