I think about what I wanted to do, with this life, what I wanted to be, what I know and what I can share of that, those things remain intact and become invaluable in the face of a world that seems to seek decline. Enamored of our own cleverness in the face of this preamble to some anticipated grand demise, we seek the relief of the end of the world, we sit and sink within these worlds writing dirges while we marvel at our ability to destroy. What great power we have taken in our hands, but within that balance resides it’s opposite equal resistance and the ability to build and create a world of meaning that risings from the ashes of this proposed destruction, pushing forth the birth of that which is truly powerful, the expansion of ones mind beyond the guttural degradation or acquiescence and regret into the realms of what may be actually possible, the ability of the mind of mankind to conquer his own destructive nature, the flight of inspiration on the updraft from the fires of Hell,