The Female Animal


They opened up the cage,
They let it out,
Set the monster free to walk about,
Ignored all of the signs that “No feeding.”
Pulled away a stump that won’t stop bleeding,
Screaming in a panic now they swear,
They didn’t even know they thing was there,
Someone’s got to pay for their mistake,
They haven’t got a finger left to shake.

They took it from it’s home and brought it here,
Locked it up and taught it how to fear,
Sold it to the circus for some gold,
Gave it to the zoo when it got old.
When they calm down they’ll say, “Look here you see…
Just give the thing a hysterectomy.
A box of dope then send it on it’s way.”
When they calm down you know that’s what they’ll say.

Return the wretched beast unto it’s Ranch Style Home,
No more wild the outlet mall to roam,
No matter if it cannot now survive,
Domesticated with no will to stay alive.
They’ll say that they did everything they could,
But in the end the beast was just no good,
And surely they are not the ones to blame,
For the fury of this beast they could not tame.

~ Teri Skultety

written January, 2006

inspired by the story of Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot