Copyright, Teri Skultety, Poetry

Will She Burn?

What if I cannot be all the things you seek?
A shining light in all your moments bleak?
What if I am not the one to hold steadfast,
As you attach your billowed sail unto my mast,
What if I am fragile like thin glass?
The potion that I hold just sassafras,
A sampling of the water from the mote,
They threw me in to see if I would float,
What if I am quite out of my mind,
Would that mean you are but step behind?
Maybe in five minutes, I’ll be back,
Until then, could you please take up the slack?
Gather up the rope from off the deck,
Lest it finds its’ way around my neck,
Watch me close and let me go my way,
What if I am all the things you say?


2007, Teri Skultety